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About Us

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     Certified and Insured

    Our dog walkers are dog*tec dog walker certified, and also

   DogSafe Canine First Aid certified.  We are fully insured   by  Canadian PetPro Insurance.  We require all our dog walkers complete a refresher first aid course yearly.  


Personalized Approach


We are like minded dog owners who want to offer a high standard in dog care. We offer fitness solutions (group walks, private walks/runs, off and on leash) and home-style boarding.

Dog Walking, Daycare & Homestyle Boarding
Excellence and Professionalism 


In the summer of 2015 The Canine Collective expanded and opened the doors to our new dog daycare. We wanted to create a boutique space so that each dog is given the care and attention it needs. We feel it is paramount to engage with our dogs in a variety of environments, which is why we feel it is important to take the dogs to different locations everyday to make sure the dogs are always stimulated. We care about both the mental and physical well-being of the dogs, and will only offer raw and organice treats provided by Barkside Bistro and Ziwipeaks.

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We endeavour to give back to the community, and care about the welfare of all dogs. Every walk you take, daycare visit or overnight stay $1 goes to Speaking of Dogs Rescue, a Toronto based organization aiming to help end cruelty, abandonment, mistreatment and the homelessness of man's best friend. 



I just wanted to send a note with a story and some heartfelt thanks! As you know, Phoebe came to me with what I like to refer to as "fierce female dominance, with no social skills".

As I got to know this, it led me to

A.) avoid every dog in a 2 mile radius and eventually,

B.) engage with you folks to assist in her socialization.

I clearly did not have this skill set. We know she's been doing great with you all,

and I love the stories and pictures you send every day from the group walks.


So, we got brave this past Saturday morning and went down to Ashbridge's Bay. We stuck to the paved trails, on leash. Well, holy crap, she was great! She came across lots of dogs and was playful without being a jerk. curious and waggy the whole time. So, we decided to go back on Sunday! This time, we headed to the off leash area on the beach. So. Many. Dogs. Again, she was amazing.

Her recall was superb, even when beelining for a dog.

I know that you all know, that Phoebe is a good girl! But this was the first time I have experienced her like this. I have avoided park settings since I adopted her and had some intense interactions. I just wanted to tell you that I had the best weekend and really enjoyed being out in the world with Phoebe. Hugs and thank you's all around for your calm leadership and guidance with Phoebe (and who's kidding, me too!)

- Kim 


Dear Canine Collective,
You have seriously overwhelmed us with exceptional service and to top it all off a beautiful framed photo of our fur baby Frankie and a Christmas accessory to adorn her. Your generosity in loving and caring for her, and your thoughtfulness in taking care of all of what we have asked you to is an incredible gift in our lives. It has made us being good puppy mommies possible. We truly hope that you recognize what a difference that you make.
With our sincere gratitude,
All our best wishes for a tremendous 2016.
- Kyra and Sarah 

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