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The Canine Collective


The Canine Collective wants to be a part of your dog's daily well-being, providing care and fitness solutions for your furry family member, with the use of positive reinforcement. We provide a nurturing and social environment catering to all different sizes and personalities; big or small, puppy or senior. The Canine Collective strives to work with the client to tailor a program that is suitable to yourself and your dog.


Our Services Include
On-leash hikes. Off-leash park visits. We believe variety is key.

100% of our attention is on your dog and the pack, ensuring everyone is engaged.


We cater for a small group of dogs (maximum 4 at any time).  After spending the day socializing and exercising, your dog will join us at our home.  Whatever we are doing the dog will be doing with us, whether it's lounging watching Netflix or having a bbq out the back, your dog will be treated as one of the family.  After some cuddles, dinner and an evening walk your dog will be well and truly ready for bed.


*We are now offering training at The Canine Collective. 

We offer evening and weekend sessions (1 hour each), focusing on positive reinforcement training in a multitude of areas. We also operate a daily daycare service through out the weekdays 9 - 5 am (starting Mid-September 2020), with pick up and drop off services, and a group walk during their stay, where we continue the teaching positive reinforcement and on and off leash skills. We encourage all family members to attend some sessions with new puppies, and we have activities during the week we encourage owners to go through - at any stage that the owners need support we are available via, email, Zoom, text message, and other modems of social media to support the bond and growth of your dog. 


Please email  * 

To secure your spot for our Autumn Curriculum. 



The Canine Collective is proud to announce the REBOOT of our Daycare - adding another dynamic service to our flourishing company. We offer a full day of stimulation, positive reinforcement, and a walk on neighbouring trails, with down-time, treats and a a fantastic environment to release energy and make new friends. For $45 a visit we offer pick up (between 8.30 - 9.30) and drop off (between 3.30 - 4.30), as it works well with families busy lives. We ensure you dog has the best possible experience and variation throughout the day.

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