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Excellence and Professionalism 


In the summer of 2015 The Canine Collective expanded and opened the doors to our new dog daycare. We wanted to create a boutique space so that each dog is given the care and attention it needs. We feel it is paramount to engage with our dogs in a variety of environments, which is why we feel it is important to take the dogs to different locations everyday to make sure the dogs are always stimulated. We care about both the mental and physical well-being of the dogs, and will only offer raw and organice treats provided by Barkside Bistro and Ziwipeaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

My dog is not “fixed” can he/she still go on walks?

We request that once a dog has reached maturity that he/she can no longer join group walks until they are fixed. It does take about 3 months for the residual hormones to leave the system, so the dog can not return until 3 months after the procedure. We do assess this on a dog-by-dog basis as it affects each dog differently, but 3 months is the standard.

My dog was bitten by another dog and is very nervous. Do you have any aggressive dogs on your walks?

We don’t deal with aggressive dogs as we are not a trainers, but we do allow dogs of all personalities in our group walks. 

WE pride ourselves in being able to help nervous and overly excited dogs, as well as all kinds of dog personalities. It’s about finding the right combinations and balance within the groups.

My dog bit a dog once but is really nice. Can he/she still join in with the other dogs?

Usually a dog that has bitten another dog has done so for a reason, either something easily identifiable or something we haven’t picked up on yet. Just because a dog has bitten or been bitten by another dog doesn’t mean they are aggressive – they could have been resource guarding (food, toy, human) or they could have felt threatened.

We assess the dogs on an individual basis and place them with other dogs we think are suitable. We would never put your dog in harms way, or set them up for failure.

Do you offer grooming?

No, we don’t offer grooming, but we have several groomers that we can recommend based on location.

Do you offer boarding?

We do offer home-style boarding – although this is only offered to customers who utilize our other services.

Do you have a philosophy about training?

As mentioned, we are not trainers but we do reinforce proper behaviour and etiquette. We use a combination of treat-based and clicker training, polite on-leash walking and supervised play in off-leash parks. We believe all dogs are different and respond differently and tailor our training to suit the individual – what works for some doesn’t necessarily work for all.

I don’t like the idea of my dog driving around with so many other dogs, why do you do that?

We drive to alternate destinations because we believe that variety is key for both the walker and the dogs. Dogs need variety and driving them to different locations to walk them allows them new smells and experiences.

We operate the vehicles in a safe manner and ensure all the dogs are secured in the car to avoid them moving around and playing.

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